We are Chrystal and Ivan and we are glad you stopped by. First and foremost we are a small business. Each purchase helps fund a dream!

Over a year ago, the world changed due to the pandemic. The daily hustle and bustle of getting ready for and driving into work came to a halt. Both Ivan and Chrystal were lucky enough to work from home. Chrystal is a registered nurse currently working at a local children’s hospital and Ivan is a mechanical engineer who repairs airplanes. Not only do we get to see each other all day long, we are also blessed with the presence of our teenage boys and college graduate daughter day and night (We know, you would enjoy it also). With all this extra family time, we noticed every single detail of each other’s lives. I mean how can we not, especially when you’re stuck inside for days on end. It was interesting….

During those countless hours, we heard all the ruckus when our boys were gaming. Even at 3 am! They joined tournaments and hung out on Twitch, Fortnite, etc. for countless hours of game time with friends from school. We’re sure that this is every parent’s dream come true.

One day back in February we decided to talk to our boys about their gaming habits and called one of our infamous family meetings ……Which is probably more like dinner time but we call them family meetings so we can formally torture our children by talking to them in person (Yes, we know, we are mean)….

We sat down to eat and discussed their YEARS of gaming and started with the positive (this is how it works right?). We shared how we thought their gamer tags Razor Bear and Zombie Monkey were so cool. We talked about how they stay up at night gaming and they must be so tired! And guess what? You guessed it. The teenage jedi mind trick occurred.

To our surprise, the conversation evolved, and we somehow decided to start a company. We created a story surrounding the gamer tag names and Haphazard was born. We left the family meeting and we were so pumped!
Then we realized we forgot to tell them to stop gaming so much. I mean, how do they do it! How did they get so smart?!

Of course, these family meetings continued and more ideas were born and us as parents get to remember something great from all these crazy teenage years. And yes, that 3 a.m. ruckus has stopped.

We wouldn’t change the last year for anything. Focus on the positive, they say….

Us : Hey ‘Alexa’ …..make an announcement…..

Alexa  : What’s the announcement?

Us : ‘Dinner’s Ready’



Family walking in park

All characters, stories, and designs are 100% approved by the kids.

For Serious Business Inquiries ONLY - legal@haphazardnation.com

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