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Raz is a grizzly bear with a unique and dangerous ability: regenerative razors protrude from his body. He wasn’t always this way, as a chemical explosion in an underground lab at a zoo transformed him into the formidable creature he is today. Despite his fearsome appearance, Raz is a complex character with a sensitive side. He dislikes talking, but is fiercely loyal to his best friend Zee, a monkey who also survived the lab explosion.

Raz’s origin is rooted in a mysterious comet cave, where he discovered his love for licking minerals, a habit that tickles his tongue. He is self-conscious about his weight, but this does not diminish his fierce determination and fighting spirit. Raz is a force to be reckoned with in this haphazard world.

Dr. Crimwaze


Dr. Crimwaze is a mysterious figure in the haphazard world, originally hailing from
California. He somehow found his way to a zoo where he takes care of the animals’ health, but no one knows his background or how he ended up there. He is determined to create a formula that will cure an unknown disease, and his favorite monkey, Zee, is his first test subject.

Dr. Crimwaze likes to think of himself as friends with all the animals at the zoo, and has a particular fondness for a bear named Raz. However, his attempts to give Zee a shot of his formula resulted in a chemical explosion in his underground laboratory, causing a strange reaction in his own body. So far, he is only hearing voices and he dislikes people.

He has a secret laboratory in the zoo, where he conducts his experiments. He is a bit of a loner but likes to snack on dark chocolate and pistachios. He is a brilliant doctor who has the ability to cure the incurable, and he loves his mother. He is a bit nerdy and socially awkward.



Zee is a rare ataulfo monkey from the distant land of Mango Island. He was caught up in a chemical explosion at an underground lab in a zoo, which left him with half an ear and chemical burns all over his body. Despite the tragedy, Zee gained mysterious abilities from the explosion, one of which is the ability to glow in the dark. He’S known for his catchphrase “bruh” or “bro” and his strong bond with his best friend Raz, a bear who also survived the explosion. 

Zee has a love for mangoes since it reminds him of his homeland. He has a deep-seated hatred of bananas, stemming from a traumatic incident involving Dr. Crimwaze and a shot in the butt. Every time he sees a banana, he is reminded of that experience and becomes visibly agitated.



Carl, short for Carlos Antonio Rodriguez Lopez, is a stylish pigeon originally from Mazatlán, Mexico. He possesses an extraordinary ability, the ability to see farther than any other animal, even eagles. He was not a part of the chemical explosion that Raz and Zee were involved in, but it seems that something from his past may have led to the formation of his ability.

He likes to stand out and make a fashion statement, often seen wearing big jewelry and sunglasses. He is very vain and loves to preen his hair. Carl is very talkative and loves to strike up a conversation, he dislikes silence, so be prepared for a good long chat with him.




Penny is a Brazilian porcupine hailing from São Paulo. She found herself in Dr. Crimwaze’s underground laboratory, where she was involved in the chemical explosion that caused her quills to change color mysteriously. She is a free spirit who loves the styles of the 60s and is always experimenting with her hair, especially now that her quills have taken on different hues. Penny has a weakness for junk food and considers it her comfort food. Despite her prickly exterior, she dislikes sharp objects, and refuses to let anyone hold her down or limit her freedom.

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